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We had the opportunity to collaborate with Waves Nx, a revolutionary technology that brings the three-dimensional experience of listening to professional speakers directly to headphones. Waves Nx immerses producers and engineers in a virtual mixing room, providing accurate sound localization and externalization essential for mixing, mastering, and recording.

To further enhance this immersive experience, Action Item took on the challenge of developing a mobile app controller that accompanies the Waves Nx headphones. This controller detects head movement and intelligently adjusts volume and audio effects, leveraging close integrations with Waves' proprietary sound effects.

In the early stages, we explored image processing techniques to detect head movements. However, to achieve even greater accuracy and responsiveness, we advanced to the final version by incorporating a mini gyro hardware that attaches to the headphones.

With the combined expertise of Waves Nx and Action Item, producers and engineers now have an exceptional tool at their disposal. Our mobile app controller, working in perfect harmony with Waves Nx, allows for a truly immersive and customized headphone listening experience. This integration empowers professionals to precisely control the sound and create extraordinary mixes, mastering, and recording sessions.

Tech Stack

  • OpenCV C++
  • Android, iOS
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Mobile
  • Hardware & Embedded


  • Digital Sound Processing
  • Consumer Goods

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