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We are very proud in our longstanding collaboration with Vayyar which has been instrumental in the development of two of their notable products: Walabot DIY and Vayyar Home. These products harness Vayyar's cutting-edge technology in distinct domains.

For Walabot DIY, we were responsible for creating a low-level Android application that operates on a customized image and facilitates communication with external hardware through UART.

In the initial iteration of Vayyar Home, we developed a privileged system mobile app integrated into the firmware image. Subsequently, we expanded our involvement to encompass the creation of companion apps for both iOS and Android platforms, along with the implementation of a cloud infrastructure to manage the product.

Our partnership with Vayyar has encompassed various phases, and we have encountered numerous milestones along the way. One outstanding achievement was the migration of the cloud-based backend infrastructure to the Chinese Alicloud platform. This transition involved a comprehensive process of transferring and optimizing the backend systems. This successful migration highlights our commitment to adapting and evolving our technologies to meet our customers needs and preferences of different regions and markets.

Tech Stack

  • Android, iOS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alicloud
  • Embedded - C++
  • BLE Connectivity


  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Full stack


  • Smart Home
  • Senior Care
  • Consumer Goods

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