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U-verse, a prominent TV/Video streaming service system with a vast user base of over 20 million in the United States, is a key offering from AT&T. U-verse now focuses exclusively on delivering IPTV services to its subscribers.

Action Item partnered closely with AT&T engineers in Israel and the US to develop the applicative component of the U-verse system. Over three years, we have played a vital role in maintaining system stability, customizing new features, and supporting the introduction of updated app versions.

One of our primary responsibilities was overseeing the entire technological stack of the U-verse mobile client, which encompassed Android, iOS, FireTV, and Apple Watch platforms. This comprehensive project involved defining the system's architecture, seamlessly integrating with a wide array of third-party video, data, and hardware providers, and efficiently deploying the applications to both the App Store and Google Play.

Through this collaboration, Action Item has played a critical role in the success and ongoing evolution of the U-verse IPTV system. Our expertise in mobile development, app deployment, and integrations with various providers has ensured a smooth and engaging user experience for U-verse subscribers.

Tech Stack

  • Native Mobile: Android, iOS
  • Android FireTV + Apple Watch
  • AirPlay, HLS Video Player w/ DRM
  • UPNP Set-top pairing and remote control


  • Mobile
  • Streaming Video


  • Entertainment

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