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We take immense pride in our journey alongside FINQ, an AI-based financial advisory platform that has revolutionized the industry. In our partnership, we joined forces when FINQ had a brilliant idea but no implementation in place.

From the outset, we collaborated on outlining the Cloud architecture and worked closely with DevOps to establish a seamless CI/CD process on Azure. As the product evolved and gained new features, our dedicated in-house team took charge of developing the backend using Node.js (Nest.js) and the frontend using Vue.js, while leveraging PostgreSQL DB for efficient data management.

As FINQ experienced exponential growth and sought further investments, we adopted our team augmentation model, working closely with FINQ's in-house development team under their direct management. This collaborative approach enabled us to seamlessly integrate with their existing team, providing comprehensive support and effectively addressing evolving needs.

Together, we have reached significant milestones by leveraging our expertise in Cloud architecture, backend and frontend development, and our adaptable business model. This collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of a robust and user-friendly financial advisory platform.

Tech Stack

  • Cloud - Azure
  • Front - Vue.js
  • Back - Node.js, Nest.js
  • Database - PostgreSQL


  • Cloud
  • Frontend
  • Backend


  • Fintech

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