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Team Augmentation


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Hoopo has a great product and a great team. When presented with a substantial business opportunity that demanded the development of new modules and features, Hoopo recognized the need for additional expertise and approached us to augment their fullstack team. Together, we collaborated on the creation of a highly intricate web-based management tool. This tool seamlessly integrated real-time data and employed advanced map manipulation techniques to handle vast amounts of data intelligently and efficiently.

As the trust between Hoopo and Action Item grew stronger, we embarked on a new project where we developed a turnkey mobile application for Hoopo. This cross-platform mobile application was created using Flutter, a versatile framework, and incorporated essential features such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity and advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities.

Tech Stack

  • Front - React
  • Mobile - Flutter
  • MapBox
  • BLE Connectivity


  • Frontend
  • Mobile
  • Connectivity


  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Assets Management

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