Action Item Solutions

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for an exceptional Full Stack Developer to become a valuable member of our remarkable team. We are currently assembling a strong and dedicated team to develop a cutting-edge, games-focused product from the ground up. This is an ideal chance for you to join us during this exhilarating phase of product creation.
If you have a passion for designing intricate systems, working with the latest technologies, gaining knowledge from highly skilled experts, and sharing your expertise with others, then this position is perfect for you!


  • Collaborate as a member of an agile full-stack team, operating at a fast pace and delivering high-quality results.
  • Utilize cutting-edge technologies to design, implement, and introduce innovative features.
  • Take ownership of developing and designing significant features, as well as constructing new services from the ground up.
  • Foster close collaboration with the product, architecture, DevOps, and automation teams to drive innovation and knowledge sharing.
  • Develop and implement tests to ensure the quality, performance, and scalability of our products.


  • Possess over 3 years of experience in web development using React.
  • Demonstrate over 3 years of experience in backend development using Node.js.
  • Exhibit practical expertise in designing and architecting large-scale systems.
  • Display excellent interpersonal skills, emphasizing the importance of being a collaborative team player.
  • Show independence as a self-learner, taking responsibility and demonstrating curiosity.
  • Write code that is understandable, testable, and prioritizes maintainability.